Welcome to my Campaign.

In a world once united as a great empire, fractured nations live in a state of tense peace after conflict tore them apart. Four centuries after a great treaty of peace was enacted, the leaders of the world sit on the edge of action knowing that some lust for power and land. Wizards are few and far between thanks to a millenniums old tragedy, followed by many deaths to those with magical talents to eliminate the threat of future tragedy.

In the neutral city of Cyr Nav, the intrigue is especially high. A corrupt capitalist society is harried by a group of radicals seeking to re-balance the power structure and lower the gap between the insanely wealthy and those too poor to survive. A plot has surfaced of dire urgency that sprang our heroes into action.

A group of four prisoners are thrust into this conflict as fugitives who have the autonomy to get done what needs doing, without compromising the man behind the plan. But will they stay loyal to their cause once they are no longer obligated by their release? Will the promise they made to a mercenary leader be all they expected it to be?

Obscured Shadows

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