Alchemists Glove (Shield)

Dark cloth gloves


(Daily) Immediate Interrupt – Trigger: The wearer is the target of an attack against AC or Reflex; Gain a +4 bonus to AC and Reflex until the end of your next turn.
Special: To replenish the power of the item you must create another reagent vial by expending 5s of common alchemical components. Access to a small amount of water is also required to renew the catalyzing agent in the glove’s fibers.

This item is not magical, but does count against the daily magic item use limitations.


These dark cloth gloves are fitted with a brass spring on the back of the hand that attaches to a small receptacle that can hold a glass vial. Activated with a specific hand motion, the vial springs over the hand to the palm of the gloves where the vial can be cracked and the reagent released into the fibers of the glove, activating the effect of the tincture.

This particular style of glove utilizes ChemCloth that catalyzes the mixture into a temporary shielding barrier, protecting the wearer from harm. Historically these were favored by archers on the battlefield as they were mostly unprotected from the deadly missiles sent by enemy bowmen. Though the reagent is cheap to produce, the catalyzing agent in the cloth can only be renewed by soaking the glove in water overnight.

Alchemists Glove (Shield)

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