Obscured Shadows

Escaping The Regular's Hideout

Lark begins searching through a small container of alchemy supplies that is set on the floor next to the back wall hurriedly and he asks, “What happened to the other men? Are they still alive upstairs? We can’t have them spoiling that I know something and compromising our plan.”

He grabs a large beaker and starts putting a few ingredients including a large amount of liquid and stoppers the container.


Brock grunts hoarsely and looks up at Lark from a slumped position on the floor. The frost covering the ground around him begins to melt. Blood from a gash near his eye seems to be… flowing backwards?

“The men upstairs are…. taken care of. How do you think we got down here? they were not exactly a welcoming bunch. Typical of a band of Humans.”

He coughs roughly and begins to stand, leaning heavily on his spear.

Escaping The Regular's Hideout

“If they are alive is important to what comes next. I don’t even know how many were there, but could hear them moving around up there. There was also some yelling…”

Escaping The Regular's Hideout

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